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  1. I'll give 'em a try...I've never had to consider using slugs/sabots because until now all my shotgunning has been upland bird hunting. I stopped by my dealer's store and started poking around at the slugs/sabots/buckshot and there's too much on the shelf for me to experiment with it all.
  2. Thanks fellas. I looked on Kip's site and he doesn't have anything posted for the rails, charging handles or breecher tubes. What's the verdict on slugs/sabots for this platform? Any that stand out as better than the rest?
  3. I just ordered mine yesterday! :D Hopefully Benelli Customer Service is accurate about inventories and delivery and my local gun pusher will have mine by Friday! I got to page 27 on the thread about Kip's magazine tubes and ran the battery dead on my ******. Has he gotten all of his manufacturing woes sorted out? I plan on getting his tube, rail and charging handle based on the info I've read on this forum and want to thank everyone for the good posts. Thanks for the good info-it is because of the good information I got on this forum that drove me to go ahead and take the plung
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