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  1. Yes. It was jamming regularly, even with 3" and 3.5" loads, especially at higher angles. Gun is 13 years old. I've had it for 10. I consider the replacement maintenance. It's very much a working gun...been dunked a few times. Life in a layout boat is tough even if they don't get submerged. Even pulling it apart to dry can't save it indefinitely...moisture, time, and use all take their toll.
  2. The solution ended-up being VERY simple. So I put the factory recoil tube back in and the bolt locked open just fine. OK, problem isolated to SureCycle tube. (should have done this before driving to town, not having the gun for a week and, spending $35 on gunsmith...hindsight 20/20...at least the quail/chukar opener is still a couple weeks away). I called SRM. Their rep told me to open the tube, trim the rubber bushing (it cuts pretty easily with a utility knife), and reinstall. Done. Works great. Problem solved.
  3. Everything in the trigger assembly looked fine and after several more take-down and re-assembly efforts, I took it to a gunsmith. He found nothing wrong with the gun (despite replicating the problem). He did discover that the bolt will lock open if you exert ALOT of force. A similar amount of force is required when pressing the release button to get it to close. So...my next step is to remove the Sure-Cycle tube, reinstall the factory tube and see if it works properly. Is there a break-in period for the Sure-Cycles? Thanks, Will
  4. Tucker - Thanks for posting. I'd seen one of your previous posts and that was the first thing I checked. The spring in my trigger assembly appears to be as in the diagram. Matt - I'll have to check. Seems like it may not be. I was on a fire last night after work and didn't have time to check. Thanks for the suggestion.
  5. Had my SBE stripped to do a thorough cleaning and install a Sure-Cycle. Upon reassembly, I can't lock the bolt open. When I depress the cartridge drop lever (bottom of receiver, near the trigger guard), I hear the usual "click", but when I pull the bolt back, it won't lock open. I removed the trigger assembly (and other components) following the instructions in the Owner's Manual. I re-assembled per the Owner's Manual, including holding the carrier button "in" while re-installing the trigger assembly. I've taken it apart several times now thinking there was something "off
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