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  1. thanks, i kinda think it might be more me than the SN, but definitly if you have reverse pull on that slide at trigger pull, it will NOT cycle...i was wondering about the rotating bolt (over the old 870 i'm used to) being the cause? another guy on my other forum said his did not have that problem and he shoots his in 3 gun comp. so, am i in the wrong section 'shotgun sports' and i eed to be in the basic beneli section to ask questions like this?
  2. Hi all (Benelli fans), new to this forum, not to shotguns or pistols/rifles or even gun forums (member of 1 other). i posted my question on the SuperNova pump cycle prob i have on my pistol forum and thougth i'd post it here as well. is it normal for a SN to 'lock' the slide "at trigger pull," if you have put 'anticipated' forestock cycling (rearward pull) just prior to trigger break? (i'm used to a Remington 870). if i have any downward or backward force on the slide prior and during trigger pull, hurcules or even Arnold could not force the slide back - you have to release that 'ant
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