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  1. abcm48

    M1 and M2 Barrels?

    Thanks man i think I will give it a try.
  2. abcm48

    M1 and M2 Barrels?

    Thanks fellas those pics are exactley what I am looking at right now and they go together fine. Truckcop have you fired the M1 with the M2 barrel on it.
  3. abcm48

    M1 and M2 Barrels?

    I have already put the barrels on the oposite guns and put shells in the and unloaded them and they seem to work just wasnt sure about firing them so i guess i will change them back.
  4. abcm48

    M1 and M2 Barrels?

    Well I have both guns and the M2 holds a great pattern with buckshot and the M1 doesnt. But with the M2 I shoot high the m1 is a much better fit for me. I have shimmed the M2 stock and everything I just cant seem to shoot it like i can the M1 on moving targets.
  5. I am new here but i am wondering do the M1 Field and M2 Field barrels interchange. Or if this has been posted before could you direct me. Thanks a bunch fellas.
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