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  1. bradah

    Supernova Love

    I'm interested in this discussion and see that there are varying opinions. I'm very curious as the reasons behind these choices. Unfortunately, I'm really not in a position to see any of these shotguns in person.....if I'm lucky, I might see one....... it is a real disadvantage. That is why I'm so interested in the basis for the varying perspectives.
  2. bradah

    Supernova Love

    Did you also consider the Mossberg? As a general question to ALL......what makes the Benelli Supernova Tactical a better choice than the Mossberg 590?
  3. I'm being quote $439 shipped from BudGunShop....... I've seen some prices mentioned in the high $300 range......... any suggestions on getting a good price? (I'm aware of the $50 rebate). Thanks for any insight.
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