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  1. I had the same questions when i was buying my shotgun. I was stuck between spending the extra cash for the upgraded supernova. I went with the supernova because of the comfortech stock. I have since shot hundreds of rounds through it and can say i feel a difference with the new stock. But like they all say, get what feels right to you.
  2. Quick, simple, and great replies. Thanks a lot guys. Answered my question perfectly. And i definitely have no doubt ill get more and more addicted to my Benelli.
  3. Well i did it, i bought a Supernova and have to say i absolutely love shooting it and cant wait for the season to open. Now i normally clean my guns with Break Free CLP, but i have never cleaned a camo surface before. Does anyone know if its safe for my to apply a light coat to the camo? Sorry if this has been brought up before, if it has just post a link up and this can get locked. Thanks and happy hunting/shooting
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