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  1. oops, guess I can't post a link yet. THe parts are a "stock drop assembly kit " Designed to adjust stock cast. Kit includes A and C plastic shims and C SX/Z DX steel plate.
  2. Can someone tell me if these are the parts I am missing? If so, I'll just buy them and not bother Benelli. I think the parts I need are 4,6, and 7 from the benelli manual. I'm not at home so I can't download the benelli manual to check if they are the correct parts. Thanks a lot.
  3. Thanks for replies. So it looks like I am missing part 4, 6, and 7. Does anyone know if I can order these from Benelli? Ill contact the guy I got the SG from and see if he has them. Thanks again
  4. Hey everyone! I recently bought a nice used Benelli M2. It came with a Pistol grip stock installed, but it also had the ComforTech stock included that it originally came with. I took the pistolgrip off and wanted to install the ComforTech, but now I think I may be missing a part or 2. Can someone tell me what parts are needed to properly install the ComforTech stock? What I have is: The stock itself. A plastic piece inside the stock. Nut and washer. I also noticed the stock doesn't seem to fit tight up against the receiver of the gun. Is there some sort of gasket that goes betw
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