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  1. We have shipped the gun back to Benelli to have it checked out. Maybe I didn’t post correctly, but at 100 ft not yards it shoots 7-8 inches to the left. My old one, that I have got when I was 12 (45years ago) I can hit a soda can consistently at 100-150 feet. My son can shoot that well with it also. Hopefully they can find the problem, as I took it to a gunsmith and had the barrel checked. He was concerned about how the choke threads were drilled.
  2. Shooting Slugs: My sons I-12 shoots consistently 6” to the left at 100’. I have had it to the gunsmith and he checked the barrel and it is straight. If he compensates by aligning the bead to the right of the site grove he can hit well with it. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Jeff
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