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  1. Oh boy a Carrier Comp/BlackBore collaboration! Might as well count me in as sold for whatever it is you guys are up to.
  2. Got to play with it today at work. I purchased the 12 tooth brake with a full choke. The pattern at 25 yards using Federal Premium 9 pellet 00 was (as expected) a little tighter than with the stock choke. I also noticed a slight amount of recoil reduction too. Bonus! Oddly enough it made my shot pattern with Wolf 9 pellet 00 WORSE at 25 yards!!! Use quality ammo if this is going to be a serious defense gun folks!!! Didn't try it out with slugs...
  3. I'll try one in extended range.
  4. Don't sweat it. I don't do much breaching anyways...I bought it for the cool looks.
  5. Wish I would have known that. I would have sent over my credentials for a steel version. Why would you need Dept. Letterhead for a true breacher brake anyway? It's not like I'm looking for a suppressor or full auto. Must be a RA policy.
  6. You don't have to remove the rail system if you want to remove the barrel...
  7. wave

    Benelli M4 Recoil

    Recoil is perceived differently by everyone. I find if I shoot from a good solid stance with the M4 pulled in tight to the shoulder it's very pleasant to shoot regardless of how powerful the load is. I'll shoot ANYTHING through my Benelli M4 without fear of recoil....my Benelli SuperNova Tactical on the otherhand....
  8. In for 5 pairs of boots. Damn that ARFCOM to ****!
  9. I like the sidearmor setup on my M4.
  10. No problem, I read about your chokes in another thread(Coyote hunting?) and am really curious to try one of your HD chokes in my M4...
  11. Yeah but I've dumped plenty of slugs thru my stock Benelli M4 choke with no problems(so far:o) and that isn't cylinder bore.
  12. https://www.blackborechokes.com/
  13. What he said....I just ordered a brake & full choke and was wondering if slugs were good to go with it.
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