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  1. dear spike my hunter brother. firstly, I would like to thank you for you had not missed any point that I tried to tell.by the way, sorry for my terrible english however I tried to learn it by my self .we have lots of shootgun factories in Turkey whıch they produce their shootguns without new technology. these gun factories's name are one by one Yildiz av tüfekleri,huğlu av tüfekleri, armsan silah sanayi, ata silah sanayi, best huğlu, sarsılmaz silah sanayi etc....you mentioned in your letter that baikal is used by many of my friends. the negative side of baikal semı automatik is that its weight 3.700 kg and there is no quality and technology. thats why they do not prefer to use baikal semi automatic. You can visit these Turkish gun factories on net and see models...thanks a lot agagin take good care of yourself and do not forget that you have a close friend who is very willingly to hunt with you in Turkey .you are always welcome. Alaattin Ankara/Turkey [email protected]
  2. we could not see any quality if even it is produced in handmade..the steel of the barrel is not well .I used many turkısh shootguns and could not get any performance like the other hunters in Turkey thats why many of friends had to sell dirty cheap theır own shootguns. most of them left on huntıng I hope you understood what I mean by that.Alaattin Ankara/Turkey
  3. to the general managers of benellİ companİes İn the world.... my name İs alaaddİn i lİve İn the mİddle of turkey. I have a complaİne about turkish dİstrubuters of bennellİ İn turkey. These dİstrubuters sell your products too expensİve to the their turkish customers .one of your qualİty models whİch İs being sold 2500 euro .it is almoust 3.500 dollars. Who can buy any of the bennellİ shoot guns İn this price in turkey? So millions registered hunters have to use low quality turkish shootguns that none of them are not happy wİth these turkish shootguns. Every hunter have dreams about using your products if they have been sold at the same prİce İn europa or united states ..so you must set up your own gun gallery İn the name of bennellİ İn one of the famous large cİtİes İn turkey. that is not a joke 10 millions hunters are waİtİng for to see your shootguns İn the same prİce lİke İn europa or usa. alaattİn yildirim 00905365047464 ankara/turkey turkiye
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