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  1. If i am looking for a good all around camo pattern for a jacket would you recommend max4 or mossy oak duck blind. This would be my jacket for almost every hunt so i need it to work in multiple scenarios. Thanks RollTideRoll
  2. Thanks a lot 8 Shot you have helped me here on multiple posts i really appreciate it. I have been looking around and been seeing #2 shot being the most popular shot for ducks. What do you recommend for duck? Thanks RollTideRoll
  3. is this the jacket you are talking about in your earlier post? Cabela's Ultimate Suede™ Weather-BLOCK™ 4-in-1 Parka. Looks like a solid jacket and good price too bad they dont have my size.
  4. Thanks a lot for your advice. Gonna go with a new one. Thanks, RollTideRoll
  5. What is a good jacket for waterfowl it gets cold in ohio and need something to withstand an ohio winter. What is a good brand to look at for waterfowl clothing? I have heard of Drake and Mossy Oak are they good? Thanks RollTideRoll
  6. What type of ammunition should I buy? What is the difference in getting a 2 3/4" vs a 3" shell.
  7. Going Pheasant hunting for the first time in a few weeks in northern ohio and just wondering besides stuff for staying warm is there any gear that is a must buy before I go. Thanks a lot RollTideRoll
  8. Looking to get into waterfowl hunting and i was just wondering what is necessary gear for a hunt. What kind of gear to you carry with you? Also what brands do you recommend for different type of gear? Thanks RollTideRoll
  9. Looking to my first hunting/skeet shotgun here pretty soon and have a few questions. I am fairly new to this whole process being that I have never bought a gun so any help would be appreciated. I am between the nova and the supernova right now. I know what the differences are between the two models my main question is if the supernova is worth the extra money. At my local fun store they have a used nova for $329.99. Should I go ahead and get that one, or should i get a new nova or supernova? The used nova will only come with only the choke that is in the gun and that is it. I am not sur
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