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  1. Link to the album with one more photo. Along with my Mosin :-)
  2. Oh yea... Merry Christmas everyone!!!
  3. I don't know if it needs a different fore-stock
  4. It has no sights. I think it's been drilled for a scope mount. however the two holes are only about 1" apart. though I don't have a picture showing those yet. it's unfired and never even been mounted on the gun.
  5. oh actually I learned it's a Super Black Eagle. although I don't know if it's the SBE II version. Does anyone know when SBE II came out?
  6. I was given a barrel that I was told was from a Benelli but no idea of the model. The shotgun was purchased new around 1999-2000 along with this barrel. The shotgun is no longer in our possession. Can anyone help me ID this further? The markings on the barrel are E.R. Shaw Custom Slug Barrel 12ga 2 3/4" & 3' Chamber (yes it shows 3' on the barrel I know it should be 3") Thanks for any help, Nate I'd have pictures but my post count isn't high enough. however if you go to gunandgame and search for Benelli it's the second link
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