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  1. One More question, As toward a good tool to use, would you go with the 100 Straight CSP Stuck Choke Tube Removal Tool or the Brownells listed above?
  2. Thank you all for the help, I am going to shoot a few more pheasants for our last weekend and order a part and get after it starting next week. I will keep you posted as to what worked. Whatever tactic that may be. I will try them all if needed. Thanks again.
  3. Also, mentioned was a speedy wrench, can you give a little more detail to that.
  4. I will continue to try another round with PB and heat. How hot do you want it to get? I wondered about putting the small sunflower propane heater under it to give it moderate radiant heat to try and keep a larger barrel area warm instead of a smaller area with a heat gun or hair dryer. Any thoughts?
  5. I recently inherited an older M1, H and K. Which has a stuck choke tube, after I could not release I had the local Gunsmith try and he deemed it stuck. My question is what now? Do I try all of the ideas posted on prior threads myself? have the 26" barrel cut to a shorter barrel and rethreaded? or does anyone have a contact for a really good gunsmith, machine shop that will grind it out. I love the gun and it has a lot of personal value to me, I just don't want to make the problem worse by doing anything myself since the local Gunsmith has already thrown in the towel. All Advice would be
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