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  1. Sure, just make the check out to Ben Dover
  2. Call me crazy but I would go with nothing more than the HS Undertaker. Took my first bird with it and blew the entire neck bone out of it. I have taken several birds between 40-45 yards. I watched my buddy use my gun to down one at 84 yards. I am not making this up, used rangefinder to confirm. Several of my friends have bought one in the past five years and no complaints.
  3. From what I am told I would take $850. Trying to get pic on but I can't. Give me your address and I will get it to you.
  4. I have a Benelli M3 that I do not use and I am looking to sell. It has the 18.5" barrell, ghost ring sights, factory pistol grip stock along with mag extension. Someone has also added a receiver saddle holster that holds 5 or 6 shells. They also added a single sling point between the stock and the receiver. Anyone have a good idea of what I should be asking for the gun? It is in good shape. I am not trying to get premium money but would like a fair price. Thanks
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