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  1. I have a SBE 2 with about 20 rounds put through it. This is my first time putting 4 rounds in the gun. I took the plug out of it. Put 1 in the barrel and 3 in the bottom. Pushed the red button to release a shell. It will fire 2 rounds but the last 2 stay in the gun. Am I doing something wrong? When unloading the gun the red button needs to be pressed in to release the last two rounds each time. Is something messed up? I just bought this last year and this is my first time in the field using it.
  2. How does you slig hook on the steady grip stock?
  3. I just bought SBE 2 with a slug barrel. Have any of you put a steady grip stock on it. How does it kick vs the ComforTech. The gun shoots great as is but I like the look of the steady grip. How do you guys like yours.
  4. Is there any news on a Vinci or super Vinci coming out with a slug barrel? For those of you that have a SBE 2 with a slug barrel, are you happy with it ?
  5. What would be a good price one a new SBE 2 in APG with a slug barrel?
  6. 'If I get a SBE 2 with the field barrel,will the slug barrel fit with the same forend? Or am I better off getting the slug gun. I would like 0ne gun with 2 barrels.' You will need a slug forend to fit it if you buy the field barrel version 1st..better off to get the slug version..you'll save some $$ that way too... To: Customer9 Subject: BenelliUSA.com Comment This is what Benelli emailed me. Also this. When the slug barrels were developed for the guns only 3 inch slugs existed..so the slug barrel specifically is only for 2 3/4 and 3 inch slug rounds evne if the
  7. I thinking of ordering a SBE 2. I want the APG one. The primary purpuse is for hunting deer. Do you think it would be better to order the field barrel one , then buy the slug barrel. Does the forend need to be changed or will it fit both barrels. The gun looks to be tapped for a scope mount correct.I was looking at one at the dealer and I see the 4 marks for a mount. Are these just rubber plugs? Burris makes a mount for the SBE 2 so I just want to make sure before I order one. What do you think would be a good price for the slug barrel. My friend thinks I'm nuts to spend this kind of money for
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