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  1. If I could afford the SBE2 it would be my first choice, I just ordered a supernova myself which is by far the best pump out there. There's a video on Youtube that shows how their comfortech stocks are miles ahead of all the other manufacturers out there. I can't post links since I'm a newbie, sorry. It's a 9 minute video worth watching
  2. Has anyone installed a saddle mount on their Supernova or know of any manufacturers that make one? I'm getting a Supernova synthetic with a 24" barrel and would like to mount a scope for deer season. I know I can get it drilled and tapped but looking at all options. Any info would help. thanks Max
  3. I'll be purchasing my first gun and realized the supernova can't be beat. This will be for just about everything from duck, geese, turkey and deer. I'll most likely go with a field model in either black or camo in 24" or 26" barell lenghts. Does anybody know what the width of the vented rib is? I'm trying to find some type of aftermarket sight for deer hunting. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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