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  1. That's exactly what I was looking for. Maybe after I feed 100,000 rounds of heavy loads I might have to buy another gun..... but I doubt it. Thanks!
  2. I very happy with my plain jane Montefeltro. I must add that the wood that Benelli is using now is far better figured that the stocks from 10 years ago. I will probably use this as my all-around shooter. Very happy to have found his forum. Thanks for the input.
  3. Hello, I am a new forum member. Today I purchased a new Montefeltro 12 ga. I shot a friend's Legacy and loved it. The price of the Legacy was somewhat higher than the Montefeltro and since engraving has little interest for me I went with the wood stocked 12 ga. with the blued receiver. I assume that both guns are pretty much the same except for polish and adornments. When I looked at the online specifications the Legacy weighs in at 7.4 pounds and my gun weighs 7.1 pounds. If someone out there can explain the design difference to account for the different weight I would appreciate the info. I'
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