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  1. Thanks for the replies. Re my purchase decision, I work at the company where I am ordering and qualify for a "pro" deal at about 50% of retail, hard to argue with. Re the bore size, I had noticed while researching choke tubes for my Beretta Silver Pigeon S that there is a good deal of variability in bore sized from one gun, and one manufacturer to another. Just another case where there is more than one right answer, I guess. Thanks, Hattles, for the measurement, I had not seen such numbers. Good shooting to all.
  2. plan to order a new SBE II after so many great comments on it. the gunsmith is a friend and insists he won't order until I can tell him why the Benelli has a different bore size compared to other 12 ga shotguns. Unable to find such info on the website and have found no posts on these forums. He's a known leg puller but I figured one of you might be able to set me straight and shut him up so I can order my shotgun! Thanks
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