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  1. Anyone use a final strut choke in there SBEII? what shells pattern the best with this choke for you? I have tried jelly head .660 , pure gold .670 , comp-n-choke .658 , and Indian Creek .665, all with H-13 and win.elite xtend range #6, 3" and#3.5", My very best average is 170 in a 10" circle with the win, elite xtend range.
  2. what choke and load do you get the best pattern with out of your SBEII? my best is with a I.C.665 and win. xtend range 3.5" 2oz #6, I average 170 in a 10" circle .I'm gonna get a hold of Rob Roberts and see about a final strut choke.

  3. I'm looking for a new barrel for my SBEII. I want a 26" or 28". Does anyone know where i can find one and how much they run?
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