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  1. Thank You David, I appreciate the advice. What do you think of the 300 Winmag vs the 338 Win? What type of game would need the larger 338 win? Thank You
  2. I was hoping some of you with more experience can help me with this. I'm looking to get an R-1 in either 300 Win Mag or 300 WSM, however I was looking for some input. Its my understanding that the WinMag has a bit more power than the WSM. I live in Northern Cal, I'm looking for gun that will be used in Northern Idaho and Alaska. I have an SBE2 and love it, I have pins in my shoulder from an accident years ago so the light recoil is a big plus for me. Could someone give me the pro's and con's of both. Thanks guys. P.S. I will be buying it with the comfor-tech stock.
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