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  1. Ok received the shotgun back from Benelli USA took to the skeet range Station no #1 hi house hit. Low house hit, doubles hi house hit then FTE, Shell caseing stuck, could not get the shell to release. Was about to get my shell extractor, (piece of 1/4 dowel rod) when blowing on the open barrel caused the lower ejector to pop the case out. Ok figured Benelli USA cut them some slack, then on sta #6 it did it again. I bagged the gun up and retired the shotgun, finished the round with my A300. I dont know about this shotgun, but I do know I cant take this gun anywhere near real co
  2. I"m not knocking the gun but the actual mfg of the shotgun is a dirt floor factory in brazil E. R. Amantiono http://www.microvera.com.br/ Jds
  3. shot last 100 round sporting clays course. total rounds 1428 several FTF and FTE had to take the gun apart in the field In order to get the shells out of the gun. That's It Guys no more Stoeger for me. Procured a Beretta Silver Pigeon 1 Sporting 32" bbls, Optima HP chokes. The difference is like night and day. This shotgun is going back to the Factory
  4. Today Shot Dove course 50 rounds. Had to stop as the gun had so many FTE that could not continue, all with the same ammo. Herters, Rio, Remington. Total ammo shot = 1328
  5. 2 rounds of skeet - 2 FTF light strikes lower bbl. 50 rounds 2 rounds of 5 stand-1 FTE Rio target loads 50 rounds The light strikes were on the lower bbl during skeet. the FTE were on the upper bbl during 5 stand. 100 rounds Sporting clays Woods course Elm Fork shooting sports facilty. 2 FTF on lower bbl, 3ea FTE one on the upper bbi two on the lower bbl.
  6. 3 rounds skeet 75 shots no FTF no FTE no light strikes Ammo Rio Games Loads Brown Box #8 shot
  7. 3 round of trap. 75 shots, no FTF or FTE .
  8. 100 rounds sporting clays Woods Course Elm Fork Shooting Sports Facility Rio Game loads Brown box 2-3/4 , 1oz, 7.5 shot no FTF, No Light strikes, no FTE 4 rounds of Skeet no FTF, no light strikes, no FTE New ammo Herters Target Loads 2-3/4, 1-1/8, 7.5 shot JDS
  9. 50 round - Two Rounds of Trap, no issues, a buddy who shoots a Ruger Red Label shot a round of trap and scored 21 no issues he wants a Stoeger Grand 50 Rounds - two rounds of skeet, had on FTF light strike on the top bbl. Again Rio Target Ammo Blue Box 2-3/4, 1-1/8 oz 7.5 shot. just a note: 3 FTF in 700 rounds 2 FTE first 200 rounds All can be attributed to Cheap Ammo Rio Blue Box Rio Brown Box Estate and Federal Target.
  10. Patterned gun full choke @ 30 yds - shoots 2" to right but 60/40 on center for both bbls 2 rounds trap 50 targets no FTF no FTE. 2 rounds of skeet had one FTF due to light primmer strike top bbl. a. Rio Game loads brown box blue shells 2-3/4, 1 oz 7.5 shot used Stoeger Cyl choke for skeet Busted em !!!!!!!
  11. 2 rounds ATA trap. (50 shots ) a. changed to IC chokes on both bbls. 2 rounds of 5 stand 50 rounds total a. No FTF or FTE problems switched from Federal target to Remington Gun Club ammo. lowered comb one full turn bought a cyl choke to try on skeet.
  12. Tim, Most definitely will move on and I am an entry level shooter. No need to buy a $2700 Citori right now. I wanted to document the gun and shoot 10k rounds just to see what happens. Thanks for the info Johnny
  13. more data 50 rounds of 5 stand - no FF or FTE 50 Rounds of skeet - Used bbl selector several times no light strikes or FTF issues, jds
  14. Guys, Some thoughts and observations regarding my Condor Competition 12ga 30” bbl shotgun. Bought the gun new from Gander Mountain Saturday Feb 8th, 2014 Dallas, Texas. Took the gun home cleaned it and oiled it ready to shoot the next weekend. Saturday Feb 15th 2014 ran 175 rounds of trap thru it. One FTE cause by stuck cartridge case. One fail to close caused by the lock lever closed before the bbls closed [*]Entered my first Sporting Clays event Elm Fork Winter Classic. Had one FTF light strick on lower bbl. One FTE stuck case.
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