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  1. All, You have been so helpful. I am leaning more toward the M2, just because I feel like it would be "enough" gun for him, would be fun for me to shoot also, and it seems like it would require a little less maintenance. What is the real difference between the M2 and the M4? A gift certificate is not an option, as I think it would have so much more meaning to him that I picked it out. Neither gun is a poor choice and I don't see him bring disappointed with the outcome either way. Dirtyb762 - I don't think my generous gift will warrent me a ring, I'm afraid. Maybe in a couple y
  2. Dear readers, My boyfriends birthday is coming up and I would like to invest in a Benelli for him. He loves guns, but does not hunt. He enjoys the tactical side of shooting. A couple of his favorite guns he now owns are his Wilson Combat and Ed Brown. I am looking to get him something to keep us safe, but also a shotgun that he can play with and enjoy. I don't know a whole lot about guns, so I am looking to you guys to help point me in the right direction. I don't mind spending some money, but would like to Keep it under $1500. Thanks for your help!
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