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  1. Anyone know if Ducks Unlimited is a good organization to get into to meet new people and new places to hunt?
  2. Cool. Got me some 3 inch BB shot winchesters yesterday! I was able to check out other stuff on the gun like the plug size and all as well. I read somewhere about ghost loading and this that and the other. All I can put is 2 shells below and one in the chamber. So im good. CAnt wait to go out and get some birds. Im new to colorado goose hunting so I have to figure out where to go and how to do it. Think Ill look into the walk in land and do some research and scouting places out.
  3. What do you guys recommend for the geese and duck with that particular gun as far as ammo goes with 3 inch? This is my first semi auto and we moved here from Louisiana so I havnt done any goose hunting. Thanks guys. chuck
  4. The range where we were at required 1 shell at a time for safety..lol. Hopefully it will work well in the colorado weather with goose and duck hunting. Thanks again!
  5. Hey guys. Kinda excited on my first Benelli! Been wanting another shotgun so i can hunt with my son cause im giving him my 20g pump. My buddy has an M1 super 90 that he rarely uses and is selling it to me for 550$. Its 28" barrel and camo. A couple of days ago he said he had something for me and ran by the house and dropped of the case that came with the shotgun. Very nice Benelli case with owners manuals all chokes in their containers, wrench, and oil. Im hoping I got a good deal. I shot the gun at the range and fired 50 rounds through it with no problems ejecting shell every time even though
  6. Ghost loading? Anyone else know about issue, mainly Benelli so that i dont get ticketed. If anyone else has some input let me know. Thanks. Chuck
  7. Yeah...no hand grip or anything..just looks like a regular ole shotgun. Just wanted some feed back on the gun and make sure it is not one that has a history of issues. Most of the reviews have been great. I called benelli and gave them the serial number and everything is appropriate. correct name, shoots 2 3/4 and 3 inch shells, camo. Seems good. But like i said, this will be my first automatic and if everyones views seem good with the gun and it shoots well when i go to the range then i may be good to getting a steal on a benelli . Anyway, keep the views of this particular gun coming so I can
  8. Hey guys. Got a friend who is selling his M1 super 90 and im not to familiar with it. couple of things. 1) Is this only a tactical gun or can i use it for hunting too for waterfowl and upland birds? It is in camo as stated in title. 2) Does it have the inertia system to reduce recoil? 3) only jammed once on him and he said it was the mechanism that brings the new shell in to the barrel where when it moves foward it rotates, the grooves didnt match up with the ones on gun so it didnt fire. Other than that it hasnt given any issues. Hes fired maybe about 2-300 rounds. Hes letting me use
  9. Thanks. That makes me feel better. As far as the SBE 2. I read a forum yesterday that said the SBE's jam because they are inertia drive instead of gas and that any little dirt or anything that gets in there will cause it to jam because of the way the system works. Any input on that. Like i said, im new to autos and not too familiar with them, the gas or inertia, i just know pumps. Thanks again. The Cajun
  10. Thanks for the input! The recoil was an issue with me cause Ive seen my brother and my cousin shoot all day and showed me pics of the bruises from their biceps up to their shoulder. Thats just crazy. I love hunting but do take meds to help keep my blood thin and if they are bruising like that my arm would be black..lol...myself, 98% of people i talk to dont bruise like that, especially if your seated in the shoulder where your supposed to be and not on your bicep. They wernt using benellis either, but brownings and winchester i think. Anyway...keep the ideas coming, i really want that SBE 2. H
  11. Hey guys, new to forums and Benelli. I currently have a remington model 870 20g pump im giving to my son to use so i can start bringing him hunting. I on the other hand am really trying to figure out what gun to get, between the Supernova or SBE 2. Ive shouldered both in the stores and the SBE 2 shoulders so well its unreal. The Supernova seems a little long, not sure what the deal was, found myself having to bring the gun out more then into my shoulder. I think it can be adjusted with shims though. Ive only used pump shotguns and this will be my first 12g and first Auto if i go with the SBE 2
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