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  1. MiaJarhead

    M4 case/bag

    What is everyone using as far as a case/bag goes? Any recommendations? Pics?
  2. Definitely looking for a match with the barrel so I guess the DG Parkerized it is. I just ordered it and it says 3-5 week lead time. I hope its shorter but I'm sure it's wort the wait
  3. MiaJarhead


    I see most people here side with these tubes so I've decided to make it my choice as well. I saw there are a couple of different options as far as the finishes on the website. Any suggestions?
  4. MiaJarhead


    thx everyone for all your input! Fortunately/unfortunately the day after posting this I won the ebay auction. Hopefully I wont have any problems.
  5. MiaJarhead


    I can finally say I am a proud owner of an M4 (11707). I've been wanting this weapon for some time and just got around to buying it this week. I want to thank you guys for all the knowledge posted on this forum that helped me decide exactly what I wanted. It's my second Benelli (1st supernova) and couldn't be any happier. There are obviously some modifications I want to do to it. That being said, I've seen the c-stock on ebay being sold by a company called AltaTac. Has anybody dealt with them and have any feedback? They have some good reviews and the stock seems authentic form the pics they
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