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  1. bclay

    Benelli Nova

    ive been shooting guns for well over 17 years i think i would know by now how to shoot a firearm. there is something definitely wrong with this piece of junk. it must have been built on a friday after noon. its gone through 3 waterfowl season and has cycled plenty of rounds. ive always crossed my fingers hopeing that it will be broke in the next time i shoot. not working. need to switch guns for sure.
  2. bclay

    Benelli Nova

    ive tried many different brands of shells and they all seem to do the same thing. i try to cycle 3 rounds through the gun slowly so i know that everything is being done on my part. but what happens is 2 things. 1st is that it will sometimes not throw the shell completly out when i go to eject it, it will get stuck in the part that throws it, not sure what that part is called. 2nd is sometimes it wont push the new round into the barrel, it will jam up and i could see the shell stuck and caught on the side which wont let it slide all the way into the barrel. Remember i am doing everything slo
  3. bclay

    Benelli Nova

    I bought the base model Nova. I didnt think Benelli made a low end gun. I was wrong. This has been the worst gun ever. Had problems from day one out of the box. The gun always sticks shells. Sometimes it wont throw a spent shell and sometimes it sticks during the loading process. Spent $120 to send it in to benelli and they sent it back saying they test fired 1 shot and everything is good. Of course everything is good if you fire one shot. try shooting multiple rounds. Horrible service. I thought benelli stood by there product. I will never buy a benelli again. Really poor customer
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