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  1. sure but it won't look anything different from a factory one haha, that's what I'm trying to do
  2. Yeah I know the factory rail sucks, I want it more for looks because I'm building a 14" entry sbs. There's no other option right now anyway. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the advice. Yeah I tried to get a Carrier Comp version but they are out. I'd like to see the gun totally stock too.
  4. Hey, I bought my M4 Super 90 used with a mesa rail/shell carrier and want to try it out more streamlined with just the rail. Does anybody have the factory Benelli rail and associated washers/screws they want to sell? Thanks
  5. I need a factory mag tube for what I'm doing, already have an extended one, thanks. I'll take your factory one, pm sent.
  6. Hi I need a replacement four shot mag tube, doesn't matter if it's used. Anybody know where I can get one with the spring? Thanks Andy
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