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  1. Thanks HOGWILD - not sure now you found a link to stevepage but it seems to have the info I appreciate everyones time and help. Ron
  2. Benelli sport, not the sport ii or the super sport, the sport was built 1997 -2002 Thanks Rf
  3. I just purchased a Benelli Sport 12 ga. They were build form 1997-2002. I would like to get/print out a owners manual. It has replaceable vent ribs and looks a little different to take apart and clean. Any help would be graet. Thanks Ron
  4. Thanks - that is what I needed to know, I was hoping it was like an ultra light that would cost less. The book value is 765 but it may be hard to find one for that price - thanks again hattles rf
  5. Thank you very much - the used gun I am looking at is the Benelli Sport, the link had good info but it was about the Sport II. The Sport I am looking at is a little different so I would guess the Sport must have been the first model and the Sport II is a later vintage. The Sport is in real good shape but before I buy it I would like to hear some reviews on it, it appears to be very light which is good but the vent rib rattles and is made of some type of fiber - kinds like the current ultra light. Does anyone have information about the Sport?
  6. h00ligan

    Benelli Sport

    Does anyone have a review on the sport shotgun? I wonder what the total weight is with a 28 inch barrel? Does the fiber vent rib hold up and do they all seem loose? How does the gun function? When did they make the Sport? Thanks Ronl
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