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  1. clubrcr

    R1 trigger

    I know this has been discussed to death, as I have read several of the posts. I would like to get my trigger worked on by a qualified gunsmith that knows what he is doing on a Benelli trigger. Most of the people I have spoken too say they "think" they can work in it. I need someone who "knows" he can work on it. I would like it to have a lighter pull. Can an anyone give me a name or point me in the right direction. Thanks in in advance for your help.
  2. I recently purchased a R1. I have several Benelli Shotguns and felt this would be a good addition to my arsenal. I bought a .270 WSM. I thought that would be all I would need for deer and an occasional hog and since they didn't make these anymore, I had to look hard for a good one. No that I am reading more about these rifles, I am interested in an additional 30.06 barrel. Once I started pricing the barrels new, I thought it would be best just to buy another rifle. Are there any used ones ever for sale? There has to be a better option than the retail price of $600-$700??
  3. I have a SBEII I bought last year. It was purchased in APG camo. I use it for Turkey hunting. I wanted to upgrade the stock to the steady grip. I bought a OEM benelli stock in APG, but when I received it, it was the right camo, but didn't match my gun. My APG has a light green hue to it. I have looked at several pictures online of complete APG SBE II and most of them have the same green hue as mine. Although the pattern doesn't have to be the same., was wondering if anyone had any suggestions bout trying to get the camo that at least has the green hue. I know some of you out there
  4. I spent a few hours on the internet researching and found the choke tube will work. But in my research, I have come up with a couple or additional questions. It seems that many people are using a .660 tube. The Benelli special purpose Turkey tube is a .665. I wouldn't think that would matter within a 40 yard distance. Any thoughts? Is the Hevi choke, jelly head or Indian Creek that much better than the Benelli Turkey tube? As far as shells, I am assuming that I need to run several different brands, and sizes through it to see which has a better pattern, or do anyone you have any experience wit
  5. I bought a Super Black Eagle II last night. I also have a Vinci which I had been hunting turkey with. When I bought the Vinci, I ordered a Benelli choke tube. It seemed to pattern ok. Here is my question....I believe the Benelli tube should work for my SBE II, but should I continue to use it or buy a new Jelly Head or something else? Since I have your attention, anyone use a special optic with their SBE II? Thanks in advance.
  6. Thank you. I thought I was going crazy. I used to race cars, i.e. 24 hours of Daytona etc. I know we had different set ups not only for the car, but also for the driver. I thought this might be the same, but being unfamilar with the different shotgun and their set ups, I blame my ability first. I will change it back for the another bird shoot/skeet shoot and if the shooting is bad, I know it is just me. Thanks again.
  7. When I bought my Vinci supersport, I didn't have time to switch around the shims before I used it for a pheasant shoot. I did well at the shoot, but I felt I needed to "target in" my gun afterwards. I used a fixed target at 45 yards and a stand to keep the shotgun steady. I found the shim "b" it was shipped with to be high and left. I found the "c" shim to be a little high, but pretty close to dead center. I used several shots and three chokes. I felt I had it perfect. Here is my question. After I changed the shim, and targeted it in for my turkey hunting, I went pheasant shooting ag
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