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  1. I searched for all 3. CarrierComp does not seem to have the flat sided oval that keeps it from rotating. Am I wrong? Design Concepts I cannot seem to find on the internet other than being mentioned in forums. You have a link? GG&G also seems to be a rotating handle from what I see on their website. Again correct me if I am wrong as I want to be wrong on these.
  2. What pads are you using on your M1 synthetic stocks (non pistol grip)? I tried a bunch of limbsavers in the store but none fit without modification except the medium slip on version. I had the original pad off and tried a few including the 10401 version (reduced part to big to drop into stock). Are there other companies that make a pad as good as limbsaver? I wish Benelli would come up with a replacement stock but they seem meh to customer service. I heard somewhere that a M2 ComforTech Stock will fit if you get the SBE II trigger assembly also. Can anyone confirm this?
  3. Hi all. New to this group. Have been a happy Benelli M1 Super 90 Tactical (non pistol grip) owner for over 10 years. Anyways I took some weight measurements of the Nordic Components and Benelli charge handles with my Dillon beam scale. Thought others might be interested as I could not find this information before. Benelli charge handle 203.0 gr 13.15 g .4229 oz Nordic Components charge handle 151% heavier 306.6 gr 19.87 g .6388 oz Feel of the NC handle is worlds better. Just a tad sharpness to the outer edge but does not pose a problem in the direction of
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