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  1. I searched for all 3. CarrierComp does not seem to have the flat sided oval that keeps it from rotating. Am I wrong? Design Concepts I cannot seem to find on the internet other than being mentioned in forums. You have a link? GG&G also seems to be a rotating handle from what I see on their website. Again correct me if I am wrong as I want to be wrong on these.
  2. What pads are you using on your M1 synthetic stocks (non pistol grip)? I tried a bunch of limbsavers in the store but none fit without modification except the medium slip on version. I had the original pad off and tried a few including the 10401 version (reduced part to big to drop into stock). Are there other companies that make a pad as good as limbsaver? I wish Benelli would come up with a replacement stock but they seem meh to customer service. I heard somewhere that a M2 ComforTech Stock will fit if you get the SBE II trigger assembly also. Can anyone confirm this? I bet I am better off selling it and getting a M2 than trying to fix it piecemeal. -Scott
  3. Hi all. New to this group. Have been a happy Benelli M1 Super 90 Tactical (non pistol grip) owner for over 10 years. Anyways I took some weight measurements of the Nordic Components and Benelli charge handles with my Dillon beam scale. Thought others might be interested as I could not find this information before. Benelli charge handle 203.0 gr 13.15 g .4229 oz Nordic Components charge handle 151% heavier 306.6 gr 19.87 g .6388 oz Feel of the NC handle is worlds better. Just a tad sharpness to the outer edge but does not pose a problem in the direction of pull. I have not had a chance to shoot it yet and probably wont any time soon as I am stuck in the city. I tried to find a Ti non-rotating handle. Freedom Fighters Tactical has only a M4 version but when I emailed them I got the response " Keep an eye on our sight through the year end...". So keep your fingers crossed. Progressive Machine and Tools seems to be out of business (even though web site still up). If I have missed a company please speak up. -Scott
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