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  1. And on that note. I really still don't see where in fact this thread took the turn from Hey-NewGuyHere to discussing gun control. Ah yes, humour (or the usual and annoying sarcasm of - wow you can have guns, don't ride canoes and live in iglos?) it was, or failing to see it once again. Quite too bad actually. Best of luck to you all! I'm gonna go lock everything up in my safe now..
  2. My oh my where to start. The 1st thing to clear up - there's no such thing as a "right" to gun ownership. You have you 1st amendment right to bare arm. That's wonderfull, but we don't have that here, so do keep that in mind. Perhaps I would buy into more if it would be corrected to keep in mind the difference between the arms of then and those of today. Why do you say that our government doesn't want us to have guns? Perhaps you should clarify what type of guns you meant by that. I can own as many shotgun and rifles as I wish too. Sure they aren't fully automatic rifles, but I do no
  3. Or whoever you want to protect against gets to it before you? Or someone who isn't qualified to handle it accidently shoot it, injuring himself or your children or?...you get the picture. Or someone steals a it from your home, loaded and ready to commit another crime with it? Kills a child with it in a drive-by and the gun is traced back to you, how would you feel about it then? Sure you didn't pull the trigger, sure whoever got it could have loaded it with their own amo...but they did because it was that easy. Have you ever shot and killed another human being? In other circumst
  4. [h=2] CanuckBen [/h]Thank you for posting! Your post will not be visible until a moderator has approved it for posting. Eh?
  5. I'm still awaiting for a Moderator to "approve" one of my reply Unobtanium, of your post of yesterday am. I must be on probation?! So here it goes again...! The answer is that yes, born and raised here in Canada and wouldn't move anywhere else. I've travelled to the US on quite a few occasion and have always been received very well, no complaints there. As for the gun-laws in Canada - sure the firearm registry is a complete fiasco in how it's been managed and the cost associated to it. It definately could be better, but having freinds in the police force I can tell you that knowing a
  6. Which types of loads were you using to break it in? There is a minimum you need to follow at 1st as per Benelli's instructions. It also needs to be shouldered tight on your body - the Inertia system requires it to function properly (in combination to other factors of course). 80% of the time is very high so there is definately something here that's causing it. If you use the proper ammo and shouldered it properly, I'd take it to a gunsmith / store you bought it from for them to look at it from the inside-out. Good luck with it Ben
  7. Born and raised in Canada yes We love it here and couldn't ask for any better really. The quality of life is great, the environment & outdoor living is beautiful, excellent hunting and fishing, economy is pretty darn solid thanks to a number of factors, culture is multifacetted which is great and lets not forget, we have hockey Could go on and on, but in short, yes I am very proud to be Canadian. I have travelled to the US on many occasion and I have to say that it is a very nice country; always had great reception to whereever we've been. As for the AR15 - I was positive that it wa
  8. The M4 is a auto shotgun like the others and in Canada would be considered a Non-Restricted firearm, which can be purchase by anyone who has a Possession & Acquisition Liscense. The only difference (and really this goes for all semi-auto in that category) between your model and the one you would purchase in Canada would be the limit of rounds to 5 in total; same for semi-auto rifles. Bolt-action rifles however, be hit hunting rifles or specialty rifles for precision long-range shooting competion can have as many rounds as the mag can hold. Selective fire assault rifles such as AR15's
  9. Yep. Must have failed to see it as well.
  10. Well it didn't take long for my original reply to get deleted. Glad to see that once again, the minority 1% of the american makes the other 99% look like complete self-centered idiots. Is it safe to assume that politics is then off-limits in this forum?
  11. Not to take this thread too far off path, but I'm sorry to see the exact same attitude here then in so many other forums out there, that is a variation of ignorance as to what else is happening outside of...wait for it...the USofA... That being said, we know that it's a really, really (really) hard concept to undersand that not EVERYONE should be allowed to purchase and own every types of firearms available. If you like the idea of having someone with a criminal record, mental illness, unstable, unemployed, divorced and down on his luck next door neighbourg with unlimited access to fully
  12. Mouhahahaha Thanks for the morning laugh, coffee snort and welcoming note Cheers Ben Ps. but seriously you were kidding right?
  13. Would be curious to know how many of your guys with SS that are using them for other purposes than sport shooting, which when you think of it, would really be only hunting. I ask this in thinking of the Legacy Sport (and Legacy) advertised as an upland gun as well as for clay. Cheers Ben
  14. That SS has a few shades of pretty that I like judson951. If import to Canada wouldn't be a PITA on used firearms, we would be talking about it some more. Out of curiosity - have you used it for other purposes than sport shooting? Would be interested to know how it would perform as an upland gun as well, even if it was not meant for that purpose. Good luck with the sale - a good price for a nice piece. Cheers Ben
  15. Good morning everyone. Thought I’d open up a new thread to introduce myself. My name is Ben, from the Ottawa-Gatineau area, our national capital region. Any other Canadians members of the board? Looking forward to talking with you all. Cheers Ben
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