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  1. And on that note. I really still don't see where in fact this thread took the turn from Hey-NewGuyHere to discussing gun control. Ah yes, humour (or the usual and annoying sarcasm of - wow you can have guns, don't ride canoes and live in iglos?) it was, or failing to see it once again. Quite too bad actually. Best of luck to you all! I'm gonna go lock everything up in my safe now..
  2. My oh my where to start. The 1st thing to clear up - there's no such thing as a "right" to gun ownership. You have you 1st amendment right to bare arm. That's wonderfull, but we don't have that here, so do keep that in mind. Perhaps I would buy into more if it would be corrected to keep in mind the difference between the arms of then and those of today. Why do you say that our government doesn't want us to have guns? Perhaps you should clarify what type of guns you meant by that. I can own as many shotgun and rifles as I wish too. Sure they aren't fully automatic rifles, but I do not have a need for one either. I can own as many handgun as I wish too, but there are limitations. Fair? Perhaps not, but it is the reality of today. Will it change? Most likely not. Will I (or should I say - we) loose any sleep over it? No. You comparison between (and I must repeat myself here as you may have missed it from my original post) a LOADED and UNLOCKED firearm, at the easy reach of anyone who may be out of your responsible supervision is NOT the same as leaving your car keys around. C'mon now..don't you think that's reaching for it a little too much don't you think? You mentionned that from a very young age you were thought gun safety. So do I and that's great and it should stay that way. What were you implying by that point? We have mandatory gun safety and hunter classes. You pass them ONCE in your life and you're good to go. As for feeling guilty following the theft of my firearm resulting in the death of someone else. You wouldn't feel even a LITTLE responsible? Not even flintch for the family of....ahhh ****, right, so such thing as playing the "victim's" card. My bad. How about instead we say that you could have prevented it? Would that put a different twist to it? I highly doubt it. What I am missing out on here? Fully automatic assault riffles? Going to get gas with a S&W on my belt? I too just can't get on board of that logic you're trying to prove. It's so "paranoia" mindset; thinking that your life is hanging in the balance everytime you leave your home or close your lights when going to bed. Do you really live in such fear all the time? If so..well I'd like to say that we feel bad for you, but ****** no ; )
  3. Or whoever you want to protect against gets to it before you? Or someone who isn't qualified to handle it accidently shoot it, injuring himself or your children or?...you get the picture. Or someone steals a it from your home, loaded and ready to commit another crime with it? Kills a child with it in a drive-by and the gun is traced back to you, how would you feel about it then? Sure you didn't pull the trigger, sure whoever got it could have loaded it with their own amo...but they did because it was that easy. Have you ever shot and killed another human being? In other circumstances then in the line of duty, be it in law enforcement or military? If you haven't and do end up killing someone else with it, are you garanteed to be able to live with it? This isn't a post against gun ownership, not at all. Irresponsible gun ownership however I cannot agree with. Cheers Ben
  4. [h=2] CanuckBen [/h]Thank you for posting! Your post will not be visible until a moderator has approved it for posting. Eh?
  5. I'm still awaiting for a Moderator to "approve" one of my reply Unobtanium, of your post of yesterday am. I must be on probation?! So here it goes again...! The answer is that yes, born and raised here in Canada and wouldn't move anywhere else. I've travelled to the US on quite a few occasion and have always been received very well, no complaints there. As for the gun-laws in Canada - sure the firearm registry is a complete fiasco in how it's been managed and the cost associated to it. It definately could be better, but having freinds in the police force I can tell you that knowing ahead of time that they are walking in on a property, in a CRISIS situation, where firearms could potentially be used by the residents or occupants of the said property, is in my opinion necessary. Should handgun be taken off the Restricted list and not have to be transported along very strick routes, pre-determined by your Transportation Authorisation. Yes I think so; they are as dangerous as rifles and shotguns, but not to the point in my opinion of being so strickly controlled. One would argue that they can be very easily concelled. Sure that is true, but one's intent to harm someone else, be it with a handgun or a rifle/shotgun will be the same. The transportation of non-restricted firearms (and this goes w/o saying, of restricted firearms) and storage of our fireamrs is much very controlled yes and I don't have a problem with that whatsoever. A loaded and easily available firearm, sitting on a fireplace mantle is an accident waiting to happen. I also don't understand the need to go do your grocery shoping with a handgun to your hip. If it brings to some a sense of security, I would be very much interested in knowing how they would feel after taking another life, by accident in the heat of the moment. As for the AR15 - I was sure that they were selective fire guns, from semi to full on auto - my bad on that one. Is does bring me to wonder, beside blowing milk jugs behing the barn are there any other purpose to having full automatic assault rifles? I can't recall them being used in competitive shooting, but maybe I'm mistaking again. If its for home / self-defence, what can that do that a 9mm Beretta or a semi-auto M4 cannot due? Not sure what you meant about the health-care situation here in Canada though. Cheers Ben
  6. Which types of loads were you using to break it in? There is a minimum you need to follow at 1st as per Benelli's instructions. It also needs to be shouldered tight on your body - the Inertia system requires it to function properly (in combination to other factors of course). 80% of the time is very high so there is definately something here that's causing it. If you use the proper ammo and shouldered it properly, I'd take it to a gunsmith / store you bought it from for them to look at it from the inside-out. Good luck with it Ben
  7. Born and raised in Canada yes We love it here and couldn't ask for any better really. The quality of life is great, the environment & outdoor living is beautiful, excellent hunting and fishing, economy is pretty darn solid thanks to a number of factors, culture is multifacetted which is great and lets not forget, we have hockey Could go on and on, but in short, yes I am very proud to be Canadian. I have travelled to the US on many occasion and I have to say that it is a very nice country; always had great reception to whereever we've been. As for the AR15 - I was positive that it was a semi&auto fire rifle, my bad on that presumption! There is a minimum lenght for handguns yes (which are all considered restricted or prohibited, none of them would fall in the non-restricted categoty); can’t recall what it is exactly, but 4” seems likely. The thing about gun control to me is as I’ve said it already safety (for the user and those around them), but also the end need of certain firearms. Do I personally think that handguns should have such strick transportation laws and should only be used in certified ranges? No and I’d go as far as to say no, of course not. Why you can’t bring a handgun out to your own property (where you’d bring your shotgun or rifle) for practice and sighting in I do not know. They are as dangerous as any other firearm, but can be conceled more easily of course. I personally don’t have a need for one so it doesn’t affect me, but I can see why a lot of ppl are upset about it. It’s up to them to make the change happen however, even if it’s a steep hill to climb. Semi-auto & fully auto selective assault riffles on the other hand (and I want to put emphasis on assault type rifles here), that’s a little different. For competitive sport shooting – sure, but would have to be strickly controlled in my opinion (such as the current handgun regulations). But if it’s just to blast through rounds in your backyard or for selfdefence, I dunno about that one. I understand that it is your right so I don’t want to get into that side of the discussion. I would like to be able to understand however how a 9mm handgun or semi-auto specialty shotgun such as say an M4 would not suffice. Cheers Ben
  8. The M4 is a auto shotgun like the others and in Canada would be considered a Non-Restricted firearm, which can be purchase by anyone who has a Possession & Acquisition Liscense. The only difference (and really this goes for all semi-auto in that category) between your model and the one you would purchase in Canada would be the limit of rounds to 5 in total; same for semi-auto rifles. Bolt-action rifles however, be hit hunting rifles or specialty rifles for precision long-range shooting competion can have as many rounds as the mag can hold. Selective fire assault rifles such as AR15's in Canada are considered restricted. This means that you can own one, but you 1st have to take a safety training course and pass an even deeper background check. The use (only at certfified shooting ranges) and transportation of them (you need an authorisation of transportation) is also quite controlled. There is also the Prohibited category of firearms; those are mainly classified in that category on barrel lenght, if they've been modified (some semi to fully auto for example), etc. Lots of info online. Sure the Canadian Firearm Registry is a big pain in the arse, but it is what it is. It's there and we have to work with it. There is a Bill in the works that would greatly modify it; will see if that ever comes through or not. Alot of emphasis is put on firearm safety, in their use, transportation and storage (i.e. we can't have any type of firearm loaded and sitting on the gun rack at home, ready to shoot..). All in all, we have access here to alot of firearms, alot more than 99% of the population would ever need. I know that it's a concept that is perhaps hard to understand, but I will take it over anything else, just for the safety factor alone. Some ppl should simply NOT own any firearms of any kind, but that's my humble opinion. Cheers Ben
  9. Yep. Must have failed to see it as well.
  10. Well it didn't take long for my original reply to get deleted. Glad to see that once again, the minority 1% of the american makes the other 99% look like complete self-centered idiots. Is it safe to assume that politics is then off-limits in this forum?
  11. Not to take this thread too far off path, but I'm sorry to see the exact same attitude here then in so many other forums out there, that is a variation of ignorance as to what else is happening outside of...wait for it...the USofA... That being said, we know that it's a really, really (really) hard concept to undersand that not EVERYONE should be allowed to purchase and own every types of firearms available. If you like the idea of having someone with a criminal record, mental illness, unstable, unemployed, divorced and down on his luck next door neighbourg with unlimited access to fully automatic firearms who's a slip away from loosing it, then be my guest ; ) If you also like the idea of having basically no laws covering the transportation and storage of firearms, such has being able to have loaded and unsecured fully automatic firearms in your house, accessible to anyone w/o supervision, then again, be my guest. We have federal legislation here that control the purchasing and usage of the 3 categories of firearms: non-restricted, restricted and prohibited. Look it up online yourself for more info, though I doubt you'd want to dip into knowledge of anything outside the USA right? The same legislation body also controls the required training courses in order to be able to a apply for a acquisition and possesion liscence mentionned above and to be able to hunt. I'm sure ypu know already how much safer these mandatory (dang, another the big bad government tell us what to do - let's burn it all!!!) training have shown to be in the hunting and sporting community? A lot safer, but hey, if your own, the one of your family, freinds, hunting and sporting partners isn't worth a few hrs of training, then...well at this point all if pretty much lost for you. I know that some States have much stricker laws regarding firearms. By your comment above, does it make those States un-american and for lack of better words, un"free"? Those damm left-wing liberals eh, always trying to turn everyone into those darn socialists - better watch it as before you know it you may be turning russian. Oh and thanks for the welcoming note as well.......
  12. Mouhahahaha Thanks for the morning laugh, coffee snort and welcoming note Cheers Ben Ps. but seriously you were kidding right?
  13. Would be curious to know how many of your guys with SS that are using them for other purposes than sport shooting, which when you think of it, would really be only hunting. I ask this in thinking of the Legacy Sport (and Legacy) advertised as an upland gun as well as for clay. Cheers Ben
  14. That SS has a few shades of pretty that I like judson951. If import to Canada wouldn't be a PITA on used firearms, we would be talking about it some more. Out of curiosity - have you used it for other purposes than sport shooting? Would be interested to know how it would perform as an upland gun as well, even if it was not meant for that purpose. Good luck with the sale - a good price for a nice piece. Cheers Ben
  15. Good morning everyone. Thought I’d open up a new thread to introduce myself. My name is Ben, from the Ottawa-Gatineau area, our national capital region. Any other Canadians members of the board? Looking forward to talking with you all. Cheers Ben
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