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    New to the gun scene, bought my first gun in Sept. of 2011, a benelli nova. Now I own a brand new Benelli Supersport
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    Salisbury MD
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    motorsports, sporting clays target shooting
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    beer wholesaler!
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  1. I think as long as you legally own the gun before Oct. 1 2013 your OK. You can go to Maryland.gov and search, 1191. You can look at the proposed Bill in PDF form. Look at page 7 .
  2. [ATTACH=CONFIG]1921[/ATTACH] MD Democratic Senator Raskin, Montgomery County, Playing chess on his computor while pro-gun activist were speaking in Annapolis Wednesday
  3. Yes, the Supernova's with the rifled slug barrel (20143) and the Supernova Tactical model have the receiver drilled and tapped.
  4. The Supersport is a great gun for what your wanting to do. If your going to shoot 3 gun, I don't know if anyone makes a mag. extension for it, and it only holds 5 rounds (4+1). The M2 Performance Shop is set up for 3 gun but it's well over $2,000. On the other hand a standard M2 Field is about $700-$900 less and you could buy a good after market mag. extension for $75-$100 and be set.
  5. There is a 20155 Super nova on Guns America add# 973704050 for $470 plus shipping. You have to be Law Enforcement to buy it though. I'm guessing it might be that way no matter where you buy it but I'm not sure. Anyway, there's one for you if you can get it. Hope this helps.
  6. 2 grand seems kinda high for a M3 Super. There's a few on Gun Broker for $1,000 or less and the "suggested" MSRP is around $1,500 new.
  7. The Supersport uses the "crio plus" chokes. They extend past the end of the barrel, they don't sit flush. The tube itself is 3.5" long, it's 2" from the bottom of the tube to the top of the threads and about .75" from the top of the threads to the bottom of gripping surface used to screw it in. From Briley's home page if you click on shotgun and go to "shotgun choke tubes" the 5th selection down is "find the chokes for your gun".From there click "Benelli" Then go to the 3rd one over "crio-plus" that will show you the tubes.
  8. There's a Benelli factory mag extension for the M2 on ebay, a +4 for $199. I don't know if this is a good deal or not.
  9. There are a couple of post on here about Nordic Magazine extensions but I can't remember if they were on an M2. On Jan.16 of this year member "Kindanutz" put up a post about his Supernova and a Nordic ext. and seemed to be very satisfied with it and the company.
  10. The Benelli Web Site says that only the Supernova with the 24" rifled slug barrel has the receiver tapped for scope mounting. The Supernova field w/ 26" barrel that I had wasn't tapped.
  11. The Super Nova would be a great, first, all around gun but I don't think you can get it with wood stocks. Some poeple have trouble shooting skeet, myself included, with a pump shotgun. Both the M2 Field and the Super Black EagleII are available with a walnut stock and foreend. The M2 is a little lower in price than the SBE II but doesn't shoot the 3 1/2" shells like the SBE II. If you have to have the 3 1/2" shell than it's going to be the SBE II. The Montefeltro or the Sport II are also good choices, but a little higher in price. Allthough these are more skeet and upland game guns, and neithe
  12. On 02/08/2012 "suthrn" posted picks of his M4 H2O. The heading was " long time lurker first time poste" or something. It was last updated on 2/11/2012 with pics of the gun unassembled. Hope this helps.
  13. I think the .2 lbs is because the legacy is built with better wood. It will most likely come down to looks, the Legacy with its engraved reciever is BEAUTIFUL!, and price. If I could afford it I would take the Legacy Sport over the Sport II simply for the looks and the better wood.
  14. A Super Nova would be a good first gun. You should be able to find one for $450-$500. If you want an auto-loader then a M2 or Super Black Eagle 2 would be a good choice for a variety of shooting styles. You can expect to pay around $1200 for the M2 and the SBE 2 will be around $1600. These are all new prices, you may be able to find either of these used for a couple hundred less.
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