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  1. Does everyone have this problem? After shooting the rifle a few rounds, there seems to be a ton of carbon coming through the area where the handguard fits over the rifle. When I hold the rifle at that spot by the mag (as usual) my hand gets dirtier than **** . Anyone notice this?
  2. Looks good. Thank you for the pics. Was it a Pain to modify the PG to fit? Also how do you get by the 922r thing?
  3. Like I thought. a spring was missing that puts down force on the LRBHO. Found it by looking at a trigger diagram from an R1 which is the same as the MR1 . Hopefully I can order it from Benelli.
  4. I just got an MR1 about a week and a half ago. Problem I am having with it, is that after every few rounds (usually 1-3 rounds) it locks the bolt back like if the mag would be empty. It does this with the stock 5 rounds mag, and other 20 and 30round metal M4 mags and even a PMGA I tried. Probably shot 200 rounds of PP M193 and Federal XM193 through it to make sure it's not an ammo or magazine issue. Even shot some 40gr frangible .223 just in case. Same with all ammo. Recoil is amazingly little and I like the rifle, but not sure why this is happening. Almost seems like the Las
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