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  1. I figured that too, I was just curious if anyone else has cycled high numbers through it in a short amount of time?
  2. Anyone used a super nova for the spring snow goose hunts yet? I'm going this spring and i just purchased a new SN and get it this Wednesday.... hoping it will hold up to the amount of rounds through it.
  3. I purchased a box right before opener here in so cal and i had a great opener with them! the only down fall i had was if you shot and hit a bird closer then 40yds it was almost inedible. so the guys that don't believe the hex shot can travel down range, you are mistaken. There is a change in your swing if you are used to a high velocity round though that took a few shots to get down but once i did like a block wall! i was shooting 3" #2's.................... hope that helps.
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