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  1. i use carlson's full or my factory modified depending on what kind of shots i will be planning on taking. i bring both with and when ducks are fully locked and loaded i just keep modified in, and when they seem weary to fully commit i use the full
  2. ive had my super nova 12ga for about a year now and im running into some issues. first after fired the trigger will stay in the fired position and i manally have to pull the trigger back forward in order to fire again. and after that happening on and off for a wile now on the first shot it will click and i will eject an unfired shell with a very slight dent in the primer, but any shots after that fire just fine untill i sit back in the blind for a while then after the gun sits again it will do the same thing. any others with similar problems with this model? i have cleaned and oiled this and d
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