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  1. I was able to remove all of the preservative with some Hoppes #9 that I had at home. I noticed that when I applied some gun oil to the exterior for rust prevention it soaked in or evaporated within a few seconds. Is this normal? Is it the type of coating that's on there? Any recommendations for a lubricant/ protectant for the barrel that's safe for the exterior and won't harm the finish? Thanks.
  2. Under the rib looks difficult to get at, I'll just use the Wife's toothbrush for that! I'll give the hoppes a try tonight. thanks guys for all the help.
  3. Would any type of solvent work? I just didn't want to take a chance of damaging the coating with a harsh solvent.
  4. Hello, I am new to the website. I just purchased a new Supernova 24 inch black synthetic for turkey hunting. When unpackaging the gun I noticed that there was a rust colored compound all over the barrel. I figure it was some sort of rust preventative for long term storage that Benelli applies. After removing this compound the best that I could I noticed that the barrel doesn't seem to be a true black color but a brownish black. Anybody else notice this on their new guns? Is there something special required to remove this brownish compound? The oil I applied to remove this soaked in
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