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  1. I bought the gun new three years ago. This week I spoke to Dan at Benelli customer service. He recognized the problem immediately. The sleeve is glued into the inside of the stock. Benelli will replace the stock free of charge.
  2. Tucker-I don't think so. The replacement pad is identical to the original; it's the sleeve/spacer that is the problem. Also, since listing my post, I did a little research on the Internet. It seems there are many SBE II owners who have had this problem. That's a bit disheartening; I'd think that after three phone conversations with Benelli personnel someone would have told me this is, at least occasionally, an issue.
  3. I own a 3-4 year old right-handed SBE II. Lately, the butt plate has been falling out. I obtained a new butt plate from Benelli, but its appearance is very different from the one that came with my gun. The original plate has a plastic sleeve around it. Without that sleeve, the butt plate won't fit in the gun. Has anyone experienced this problem? I've reviewed the parts catalog. It appears the sleeve acts as a spacer, but I don't see one like mine in the catalog. Thank you. I should add that my gun has the Comfort Tech system.
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