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  1. I guess I got lucky - Another guy was trading in his SBE2 which came with the extra slug barrel in the package and he had even put a nice Leupold scope on it ... so I upgraded, trading in my SBE2 for less than the cost of a slug barrel ......
  2. I have a SBE2 and was thinking about getting a second gun - considering a Super Vinci - Has anyone shot both - did you find any real differences
  3. Hey Ridgeline - thanks for the info I will check it out
  4. Thanks GoBow Are you in Canada and if so where did you get your barrels? ... or was it so long ago its now irrelevant. Lastly what isthe difference between the ER Shaw vs the Benelli rifled barrel?
  5. IT sounds like the ER Shaw barrel was a smooth bore that required a rifled choke on teh end but from what I understand those still are not near as accurate as the rifled barrels - correct?
  6. 2nd question - Are there any good after market rifiled barrels for the SBE2 that any one has used. I need a cantilever design
  7. I also have an SBE2 and am looking to get a slug barrel for mine. Prefer Cantilever style so when I go duck hunting I dont have a scope on the gun (
  8. I bought a SBE2 last year. Most of my deer hunting is now taking place in shotgun only areas so I want to go with a rifled barrel. First will a rifled slug barrel from a SBE1 fit the SBE2 and how accurate are they as a slug gun vs the bolt Savage 212 or Ithaca Deerslayer2
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