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  1. take your sbe2 put an Indian Creek in it and shoot the hevi shot magnum blend . sit back and be amazed
  2. HA sorry guys just realized i said i was a professional...that is what i get for posting from my **********....i most deffinately am not a pro.... this load seems interesting. it would kill at 30 but nothing like the other combos i found.
  3. found that my sbe2 did amazing with my Indian Creek choke and the hevishot magnun turkey ill say for a three inch shell the thing sounds like a 300 winmag ten inch circle at thirty yards stopped counting pellets at 220 had more than that also too the old rem nitro turkey rounds did really good too
  4. well im by far a professional opinion but i used these loads as instructed with mod and ic even with my stock full patterns for me with sbe2 @30 was not great will count and post later i suppose you'd kill a Turkey at30 but much more i would be cautious
  5. wanting to know if anyone has tried the new heavy magnum load? bought a box today and going to check them out
  6. just went out after much frustration finding the magic combo... I found that my factory full choke with my SBE 2 and 3 inch hevi13 #5 did really good. got home and looked around and found about the Hevishot Magnum blend and got to wondering if the choke tube they make is worth it anybody have any experience with it? thanks in advance
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