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  1. I bought mine last week and will shoot it on Saturday. I'm thinking about shortening the LOP.
  2. You need to add another US part when you install the collapsable stock!
  3. I bought a heavily padded riffle case that accommodates a scope. Works great.
  4. Sorry guys, I meant to say I got the Geissele hammer. - Geissele Hammer - Dave's full length tube - Dave's follower
  5. I didn't want to get the Geissele trigger either but also didn't want to get the FFT forfend that has fit issues. I got the trigger, installed it and I'm now legal, so it was worth it.
  6. Geissele sent me a UPS tracking number 24 hours or so after I submitted my order. I wonder why geissele states on their website that Carriercomp is an 'Exclusive' dealer when Brownells also carries them.
  7. I ordered mine from geissele.com last week. They are now out of stock.
  8. It depends on what you want in a sling. I'm making a 2 point sling that I can convert on-the-fly to a 1 point sling. There are many great slings for sale.
  9. I'm getting mine for $1579. $1325 is cheaper but new frontier armory is not an authorized dealer. I read that to have warranty work, you must purchase from an authorized dealer but I could have misread it.
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