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  1. Bought a Super 90 SBS 14" today from a guy as well as a lightly used M1014. The Super 90 comes with 2 barrels, 1 will be a Breaching Barrel that is 14". I thought I might sell the Breaching Barrel and keep the other barrel. Im trying to get a feeling for what it is worth, I will either put it up on the forums or let it go the auction way once I know what its worth. The m1014 is also going up for sale once I am alittle more sure on the value. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Thunder Beast 30p-1 threads are :5/8-24 standard, also availible in M18x1.5, M18x1.0 For the standard 5/8x24 you need an OD of about .625 if the bore was concentric, most likey it will not be perfect so you may need alittle more then that. You will need to measure the OD of the barrels muzzel and see if you have room to turn the barrel down and thread it.
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