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  1. The M2 does not come with a 28" barrel.
  2. I did some more homework and connected with some shotgun enthusiasts. Based upon their collective input of deciding ONLY to own ONE Benelli, I have narrowed my choices to; Semi Auto 20 Gauge 28" Barrel (26" was a strong 2nd) That leaves me with choices of these Benelli models; Sport II Cordoba Supersport Cordoba PS Supersport PS The list of models are in this order to indicate "least expensive to most expensive". I like Synthetic over Walnut and the PS models are too expensive IMHO of course! That narrows my list to 2: Cordoba & Supersport One of t
  3. Benelli's are like motorcycles. I can convince the wife to own one but not two! I'm looking for advice to own one all around Benelli 20ga for Trap, Skeet, and Upland Hunting. It will be purely recreational. Help!
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