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  1. Friend and I both bought SBE II's and are experiancing simaler issues. His gun will actualy dump live ammo out the bottom, both guns are jamming on a constant basis. Also stove pipeing emptys. Mine has been dumping 2 rounds out of mag tube and jammimg. I talked with Benelli CS this morning, we are sending both guns back to have them repair. I did mention that the carrier was not centered(I read your post yesterday) CS rep said that is not a isuue, as long as it wasnt rubbing. Guess we will see how Benelli service is, hopefully the guns come back with all issue's fixed!!
  2. Yes, I plan to do that tomorrow. Just sitting here this morning a little upset with the gun, thought I would try to get some feed back from others who may have had a simaler issue. Thanks
  3. A friend a I both recently purchased new SBE 11's. We are both having the same issue with the guns. We are using Federal Prarie Strom 2 3/4" shells. Which is all the guns have had fired through them. This issue is, the gun Jamming. It wants to let 2 shells out of the mag tube at same time. Mine will then jam, My buddys is dumping live ammo on the ground. Also having issue with occasional stove pipe empty case stuck in bolt? This is happening repeatdly. Guns have doing this since new, and seem to be getting much worse. We have ran several hundred of these same rounds of ammo throu
  4. Thanks. We have ordered the limbsavers.( we is my buddy and I who both bought same gun,same time) My buddy added some lead to his stock for last weekend, which he liked. I believe I will just try the limb saver.........I ran over a box of shells through it last Saturday.......a bunch of crows paid the price for that....love the gun!!
  5. I recently purchased a SBE II, American series. These do not come with the comfortech stock. i would like to reduce the recoil and was thinking about changing the recoil pad and posibly the mercury tube for recoil reduction. I am looking for advice from those who have tried simaler things. Does mercury tube work? What recoil pad would you recomend ? Benelli gel filled. or a limdsaver, or something else ? Thanks
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