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    southern maryland
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    Trapp Shooting, Atvs
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  1. This is my first year doing any kind of sport shooting. I went out two weeks ago and took a leap buying the stoeger m3500. Ill tell ya what. Ive been shooting in the 20s(out of 25 of course) since I started shooting it. Its semi auto and a really nice gun. My fiance bought me the stoeger 8000.(.45 acp) last year for my birthday. It was the first one I have owned and I think stoeger is doing big things!!! The m3500 comes with 5 chokes and a recoil reducer, for under 700 bucks its a great buy. It doesnt have the midbead on the barral but from what the guys at the shooting club was saying is that they make magnetic ones. But n e way good luck on whatever you decide to buy, and keep us informed.
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