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  1. Trying to post again. This is the one I traded off and my friend restored. Mine will be close to this one. Right now it's taken apart and the wood is at my friends.
  2. I sent pictures but got a window that said admin must approve first. I quess admin didn't approve. Is that common on here?
  3. LOL...I keep forgetting "If you haven't got pictures, it ain't so". My cell phone pictures sux but they are pictures. I have her all apart now and the wood is at the doctors. Will try to upgrade my pictures. This is the last 121 M1 I had and my friend restored. This is what I'm going for.
  4. Not much here on a Benelli 121 M1. This is the second one I got. Traded off my 1st one and had to have another. I have a friend that will take the scratches out of the wood and still have that vintage look. Going to get the metal finished but haven't decided what I'm going with. All it needs is a barrel band and the small "button" and allen screw on the ejector side. Works fine without it but would like to find one. I found a barrel band sling combo. It shoots great but kicks like a mule. LOL
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