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  1. I am not using the factory handguards. How would an improper seating of the barrel in the receiver force the magazine cap to loosen? Once again, thanks for all of the help and the replies
  2. Yes, there is clicking. I will contact them now and see what they have to say.
  3. Thanks for the replies. The retaining spring and cap are both present and appear to be functioning as designed. The retaining pin has spring pressure and the teeth on the cap engage the the detent spring, but the cap still comes loose when firing only. The threads all seem to be intact with minimal wear and no stripping.
  4. Hi, I recently bought a Benelli M4. After successfully putting 400 rounds through the shotgun, I have began to develop problems. After firing 1-2 rounds, the magazine cap becomes loose and the barrel will literally jump loose out of the shotgun. Obviously, I have tightened down this camp as tight as humanly possible. Does anyone have any advice on fixing this issue? Is using loctite an option or do I have other issues that are causing this problem? Thanks, Phil
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