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  1. Im proudly picking up my new and 2nd M3000 12 ga 3" on Friday. A buddie of mine told me about heavy chokes. Just would like some input on how to choose a good choke system. I haven't read much about the subject and it's my fault but how can one choke be so much more different or better" than other's? Thanks for the input.
  2. I'm in a situation where I need to buy me another 12ga 3" I had a great brand new 1 season used 12ga stoeger M3000 a few yrs ago but found myself in a situation where I sold it. I've always used 28" barrel but a friend who owns a gun shop is going to let me make pmts on a camo 3" m3000 but it's a 26" barrel. any major disadvantage of 2" shorter barrel. From what I might know is slightly less weight which I doubt I will even notice and or impact speed once bbs hit the bird could be slightly less? Mostly hunting out of fields in a layout blind and reg. blinds. I guess if it matters much i c
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