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    I bid work for a masonry restoration contractor, am a boater, play around the Allegrippis Mountains & Allegheny Mountains, and lakes. May retire within a decade.That is about it.
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    Pittsburgh and James Creek Pennsylvania
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    Jogging, Boating, biking, walking
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    Estimator and salesman for a masonry restoration contractor
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  1. For trap shooting and sporting clay shooting, what choke is recommended and why? I am starting to guess that it depends on the type of shells I am using and the distance I am from the target such as in skeet. With a high velocity and tighter pattern shells a wider choke such as the IM or F I am guessing is OK, and to use F or IM for the opposite end. I am guessing the M is an all around average choke. However, I get so many differnt opions at the ranges. I really have not shot enough to know the differences and you just can't keep changing out your chokes while shooting with others.
  2. RC Maroni

    Full choke??

    You can bing or google shot gun chokes and get a lot of info to read about this. Some shot guns have about 1 inch of a thread on the inside and at the top of the barrell. A partially threaded tube ( usually 5 types) screws in allowing a variety of shot spread.
  3. What could have caused a shot gun cartridge shell to jamb during a pump action. The shot was hurried because I was shooting at the second sporting clay with my Alpha 12 gauge? Is it a serious problem? It seemed to have lodged by the trigger and the trigger guard had to be removed to get the shell out.
  4. I asked questions on this forum about choke tubes recently, and I was advised to google and bing the question. There was a lot of information there. You have your direct answer from timb99.
  5. I found it to be easy to get a gun and a concealed weapon carry permit but so darn hard to get any safety training or firearm training. It is not required prior to licensing in this state. It seemed everyone wants $1,200 for me to go somewhere out of town for a couple of days, and then I would qualify to be licensed for carring a firearm in a bunch of states. My son, who is a police officer/dectective in another city and state is the only one that has taught me anything, and that can only occur far and in between. Local colleges and universities offer nothing around here. The lines in your local gun suppliers are long and they are very busy lately, and pressed for time so the info you receive is quick and terse. Other than going to a State Gameland (It is against the law to just set up a shooting range in the woods in thsi state, however, there are gameland ranges and you need to purchsse a general hunting license.) and a commercial indoor gun range, I am on my own to find out the info and learn, which I do. This forum has helped a lot. Sorry if I sound ignorant.
  6. I need to know what slugs to use/buy. I have a Nova 3.5" 12 ga. /26" SI shot gun. I cannot find anywhere on the barrel or gun if it is smooth barreled or rifled. Staring down the barrel with a mini flash light, it appears smooth (barrel removed of course). I have shot at inside gun ranges using Brenneke Heavy Field Short Magnum 1-1/4 oz Green Lightening Slugs and 2-3/4" slugs and Federal Premium TruBall 2-3/4" 1 oz. low recoil rifled slugs HP, both times using an improved cylinder choke. I have just bought some Remington 2-3/4" 1 oz. Slugger Rifled slugs. I will be using the gun for both hunting and target practice. Have I used the right slugs and are my new shells correct? What damage can be done if you use the wrong type? Thanks . R. C.
  7. Thanks. I went on Bing and got a lot of info too. I still cannot find out if I can shoot a slug with a choke tube. Most people I know personally say I need a seperate barrel. I was under the impression I could use the # 4 improved Cylinder. Anyone know?
  8. I am new to shot guns (pretty new to all guns really). Can someone explain to me or tell me where to find the information about choke tubes so I don't damage anything. I have a Benelli Nova 26" that came with 3 choke tubes, one with 4 notches that was placed in the gun by the sales person, the other has 3 notches that says it iis steel shot OK with an M ***, the other has 1 notch with nothing on it. I take it that the steel shot is for water fowl and is needed so as not to seize up. But what will the others do? Is one for slugs and the other for lead shot only? Is there distance capability differences for each? Thanks RC
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