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  1. I checked the Carrier Comp site and the 5-round tube they sell is a direct replacement for the original albeit lighter/stronger. I still have the original 5-round tube so would that work as well?
  2. I apologize if this has been asked/answered before as I did do a search on this site and on Google in general but couldn't find the answer. I have an M4 with a full length Carrier Comp magazine tube currently installed. I am interested in installing a 14" barrel (after receiving my tax stamp) and wondered what tube options are out there to replace mine? I would like to have the maximum capacity but also have the barrel nut stop just short of the muzzle like a normal M4. I appreciate your help. Craig
  3. I have owned a 26" M1 Super 90 for about 15 years. While I'd love a new M4, funds don't allow it right now. My question is whether there is a tactical pistol-grip stock available (Benelli or after-market)? Also, where could I get a tube extension? Thank you for your help. Craig
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