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  1. I have an M2 Tactical set up for that purpose so I don't want to change it out for hunting. My question is this: If I buy the slug barrel gun, will it accept other barrels (ie the 24 and 28 inch)? There seems to be a lot of uncertainty out there. I've read you need a different forearm, etc. Any help would be great. Emailed CS but no response.
  2. thank you appreciate the feedback.
  3. Looking for opinions from people who have shot low recoil Winchester Ranger 00 buck and slugs with their M2 Tactical. My gun is broken in. Shoots anything I've put in it so far. Found a deal on ammo but don't want to buy in bulk if enough people tell me they have had cycling problems. Thanks for help. Don't want to debate why to use low recoil just if it shoots ok. Appreciate the feedback.
  4. Doesn't mean someone can't post some new pictures though.
  5. anyone have a .pdf of the M2 Tactical parts diagrams? Also is there an owners manual specific to the Tactical model? Thanks my new gun was transferred to my FFL with no Owners Manual or parts list diagrams.
  6. I was hoping the manual that should have been in my box would be more specific to the Tactical model. The online version doesn't even mention my model. And it has no exploded diagrams of the gun either.
  7. This seems to be a common issue...I did the same thing. My box from Benelli came with no owners manual either. So if anyone can post Pic's of all the parts for the M2 Tac I would appreciate it.
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