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    Benelli MR1

    I own an MR1. I bought mine used from a local gun shop in So Cal, so it is the "California" legal version. That means The rifle has the "comfort tech stock" rather than the pistol grip stock, and there is no flash suppressor on mine. All that stuff Eleven Bravo said about getting parts is true. I could not find a Manual or I.P.B. online ANYWHERE. Even Benelli does not have a down-loadable Manual on the official website. I had to request a Manual/I.P.B. from Benelli via E-Mail. (To be Fair,,,,Benelli USA responded within 48 hours with a PDF Manual and I.P.B. sent to me by E-Mail). A local gunshop is an Authorized Benelli Dealer, and they were NO help with a manual or info on parts. Got a Benelli shotgun? You are good to go!......MR1?,,,,,Good luck with THAT Brother...... Having said all that,,,,,,,Its not a Battle Rifle. Its a .223/.556 carbine sporter rifle. Great for shooting metal or paper targets at the Range. Great for shooting Larger sized varmints on your property. Great Truck rifle if you live in a hassle free State. (Alas,,,,California is not Hassle Free when it comes to firearms.). It wouldn't be my first choice for home defense, but you might see things differently. The rifle is well made. The Gas Piston and Bolt assembly is simple and sturdy. I doubt that it will ever Break or wear out in my lifetime, as long as it is properly maintained. And you WILL have to maintain it!... All that Hooey about the ARGO system being "Self Cleaning," is a Misnomer. You will have carbon deposits in the Gas Piston assembly after you fire the gun. If you shoot MANY rounds, you will have a LOT of carbon. If you wait a couple days to clean the rifle, those carbon deposits harden. You will then spend many tedious hours with some sort of dental tool, scraping the hardened carbon from hard to reach places. Ask Me how I know....... Do yourself a favor and clean the gun right after you go shooting..... The rifle is a very nice shooter. The trigger is far better than whats on my stock AR 15 and the rifle is very accurate. I have no problem hitting a man sized silhouette at 300 yards shooting off hand with the iron sights, as long as the target is not moving. From a bench rest, it gets a lot easier. Thats my limit with iron sights. My peepers fail me at longer yardage. With the comfort tech stock,,,, the percieved recoil is less than my AR. My girlfriend prefers shooting the Benelli over the AR. She says its easier for her to shoot accurately. Thats probably because the MR1 is noticeably heavier than my gas impingment (non piston) AR. Most of that weight is up front where the piston assembly is. However, its not THAT heavy, and the rifle shoulders nicely and has a nice balance. I have Never had a problem with FTF issues. I use 10 round plastic P-MAGS without ANY issue. My MR1 has never failed to go into battery or Jammed while using my stock 5 round magazine or the P-Mags. However, I HAVE had issues with cheapie metal magazines bought from Flea-Bay. The mag springs are not stiff enough and the nose of the bullet catches on the receiver, causing a jam every 3 or 4 rounds. Use quality Magazines and you will have no problem. Some folks have an issue with the rear sights. The rear sights are perfectly serviceable, but they are a kind of bulky and tall. The rear sight would definitely get in the way of mounting a scope, unless you used High scope rings. Personally, I would remove the rear sight (2 spline screws) if I were going to mount a scope, and use low rings. You CAN mount a Red Dot without a riser though. I did it one day just for shits and giggles..... Eleven Bravo had a problem getting a cheek weld on his MR1 after mounting a scope. I think that would be less of a problem with my Comfort Tech stock. The Comfort Tech has a shallower Rake than the Pistol Grip stock, so your cheek rests Higher, and Closer to the sights. Also, the Comfort Tech has a replaceable rubber cheek comb. I am pretty sure you can use the Cheek combs from the R1 Hunting Rifle to customize a fit for your face......There are also some SHIMS between the Stock and the Receiver. They are probably the same shims as the R1 has, for customizing the Fit of your gun. Do I LIKE my MR1?....Yes I DO! Would I recommend this rifle to others?.....Absolutely!,,,, so long as you are looking for a fine Sporting Carbine. Need a rifle for the END OF THE WORLD or the Zombie Apocalypse?......Buy an AK47;)
  2. Update. Benelli USA e-mailed PDF's of the User Manual and Illustrated Parts Breakdown. If anyone needs copies of these Documents, let me Know and I'll e-mail them to you. Thanks to Benelli.......but it still seems strange to me that this particular Manual/Schematic is not offered on their Manual Download Page.
  3. I use PMags in mine. They work flawlessly for me. I live in California, so 10 rounds is the order of the Day here as well. If you prefer Metal over the Plastic PMAGS,,,,,the metal 10 round mag that came with my Smith & Wesson M&P AR 14 works OK also. Beware the cheapy AR mags on the internet. The Spring in the magazines are weak and caused Jamming constantly. Also, some of the metal Mags dont fit the MR1 very well and you have to Jiggle em around to make them fit. P.S......There is not much info on the MR1 hereabouts. I guess not many people own one. I bought mine used, and I cant find an Owners Manual anywhere. Everything I know about Takedown and Maintenance, I learned on YouTube, and be "Doing it Myself." I'm STILL not sure about Lubrication after cleaning and before reassembly......... I've read (in the R1 threads) that the Piston assy should not be lubed,,,,,but when I disassembled MINE for the first time, I found a fair amount of black grease on the rubber O-ring in the Piston......
  4. I bought a "Previously Owned," MR1 from a local gun shop. It did not come with a User Manual... I cannot find a Downloadable manual on the Benelli USA website. In fact, I cannot even find a reference to the MR1 on the website. I am guessing the rifle may be discontinued? Can anyone help me with this?...Perhaps a link for download or even a XEROX copy....Lol.
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